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This morning I am inside the deep corner pocket of my mind having awaited a cue shot.
Starting from scratch.

I am the photographic evidence of the universe. No longer blinded by my own view.

I am the production of wind as I execute my escape from my prisoning past.

I am the secret enjoyment of failure and second chances.

I am the four letter words used in short conversation.

I am the main actor, playing the fool, in my divinely improvised script.

I am the realization in my smile.

I am the deep sea diver rewarding myself with the treasures of the unexplored ocean floor, taking “bottom of the barrel” to new depths.

I am the breath carefully stolen at the opera.

I am the conductor of my chemical reactions wildly unaware of my particapition in my own expirement.

I am the whisper of future in meditation.

I am a password in a dream.

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TIL that every single tweet you’ve sent is now part of the Library of Congress. Twitter agreed to provide them with every tweet ever sent & continues to supply tweets to the Library’s archive on an ongoing basis.


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